Yet another thread about enclosures for the Fez Panda II

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for an enclosure for the Fez Panda II, pretty much something like the tinkerer kit but I’ve been told this is no longer available. It has been a while since someone has asked so I must, has the situation changed at all? It seems so odd that I can’t find a case for this kit, touch lcd and all. I would even been happy with just something for the panda II and connect shield…

Any tips would be great, I am really trying to avoid doing something custom.


ransomhall created this beauty. It wouldn’t take much modification to make what you want.

That one looks particularly nice with a little LED backlight underneath the chip. The traces on the board really pop. Design credits go to architect for a similar enclosure he did for the first Panda.

I think we’ll see a bunch of enclosures for stuff in the Arduino form factor in the near future, once GHI staff gets over the fear of the new laser cutter, that is. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys, I ordered two of those from Ponoko to see how they are without modification. I will worry about modifying them once I have one in my hands :smiley:

Thanks again,

David - glad you like it. the screws holes are 4-40 sized, so you can be ready with some when they arrive.

Much appreciated. Thankfully I still have a plethora of 4-40 hardware kicking around, as I imagine a lot of us do.