Y Socket and OnInterupt Event Handler

I am uncertain about how many buttons I can hook up to a Y socket and then be able to use an OnInterupt event hander.

If I hook up a Breakout module to a Y socket, it appears that I can create up to 5 digital inputs using the breakout device driver.


But looking at the Y socket info:

It appears that only Pin 3 of the Y socket is interrupt-capable.

I need to hook up four of the older FEZ button modules.

Does this mean that only one of the buttons connected to the Y socket, the one hooked up to Pin 3, can have an OnInterupt event handler?

The other three I can read, but they won’t generate any events?

Thanks for the help.

By the Gadgeteer definition a Y socket MUST have one interrupt capable pin. It can have more, but it must have pin 3 being interrupt capable.

The only way to figure out how many interrupt capable pins you have is to compare the schematic with the list of pins on the device and see whether there is an overlap.

If you look at the way for example the GHI ButtonS7 module driver works, it generates events on presses - not interrupts exactly, but pretty much the same outcome. Edit: actually that one doesn’t - there must have been a different one that started a reading thread and looked for transitions and generated events when they were detected.