XML Support for cerb-family

Has stated in the post http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=9003 XmlReader.Create throw a System.NotSupportedException because XML is not currently supported on the Cerb-Family boards.

I need this feature because I wrote a lot of code that uses XML (desktop side and Panda II side) and now I want to re-use my code on Cerberus. I do not pretend that GHI releases these feature, but I ask if someone has already addressed the problem and/or can give me some suggestions on how to implement that functionality.
I suppose that I need to build a custom firmware. I’ve a lot of experience in C# programming and in STM32 native programming, but I never worked with the complex build system of the MF.

Anyone can help me or have a brilliant idea?


I am not sure if the XML support simply will not fit the memory constraints of the Cerb.

However here is a wiki entry which describes how to get a build of NETMF going, it is for the Hydra, but the process is very similar

For the cerb you can use the the porting kit + GHI firmware from codeplex + modifications from NicolasG to support a GCC build

I have not specifically looked what needs to be included for the XML feature and I am not at my dev machine at the moment, but the above is step 1. Once you have that going, investigating the XML support can begin.

Update: I Just had a look on Codeplex, and it seems that the XML implementation might be all managed code, so you might even try add the code directly to your project. I am just a little concerned about the memory required because of the char type tables.

You can checkout the source code : http://netmf.codeplex.com/

Thanks for your suggestions. Looking on Codeplex in the MF sources I’ve verified that the XML implementation is all managed code and It can be found in the System.Xml.Legacy DLL source code.
The solution, for anyone that need XML, is simple: add a reference to System.Xml.Legacy to your project and the XmlReader object works.
This Assembly has a small footprint in flash (about 50kb) but consume a lot of ram

Thanks taylorza!

@ Cybernox - that is great, thank you for sharing your findings.

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