My fiancé called me, quite happy, yesterday saying she found an XBOX One while out shopping and asked if she should pick it up. Obviously I said yes :slight_smile:

It took awhile to get up and running (stupid patch issues) but once we did, I have to say I was impressed. It found my WiFi, cable box and tv almost instantly. I can turn everything on and off with my voice, change channels, volume, etc. The new Kinect is amazing and the games are pretty slick too. :smiley:

I’m also fortunate enough to have a full house of Windows 8 devices (phone, PC, tablet). Looks like I’ll be using my developer license to see how much more of my house I can get Xbox to control.

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So, does that mean it will take even longer to get bugs fixed in tinkr? :wink:

I’m loving my Xbox One and I’m not even a gamer. The only time I pickup a controller is when I actually play a game. Tried out Xbox Fitness this morning and had a really good workout and the Kinect tracking was bang on, so I think Microsoft has a winner on their hands here with the new Xbox.

@ Skewworks - Sounds like a Sky Box, or X Net :wink: So beware the attacking toaster