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Xbee WiFi now available


Just announced, . Supports B/G/N. $49 apiece with several antenna options.


Now that’s something I was waiting for! 8)


Thanks for the info, very interesting. I have some xp with XBee so i understand the way this module will work but I’m not aware of the prices and benefits for other WiFi modules so if anoyone with more xp could review this module it would be great. I’m wondering is it possible to create low cost devices that are WiFi enabled…


@ Gralin - All the modules i’ve looked at are overpriced IMO, with some close to $100 :o This one is on the low end of the current price range, and obviously has the benefit of a lot of existing drop in PCB designs. Hopefully this offering will motivate others to reduce prices!


Is the Xbee WiFi only a RF front end ? Like a serial to 802.11.

Does it have built in TCP, UDP, IPv4, ARP, ICMP, DHCP Client etc. ? What about AES, WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK ?

Most Wifi module vendors include all these as part of the module and if the Xbee WiFi, does not include the, it may explain the $49 vs ~$100 :slight_smile:

There are modules out there that cost $30 to $40, but you may need to make a break out board for protoyping.

Please keep us posted if anyone finds out more.


Yes: TCP, UDP, IPv4, DHCP Client, WPA, WPA2


Plenty of detail in the manual at


That is awesome. Serious competition for the other modules in the market.

Thanks Eric.


This is great!!! Thanks for the info.