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XBee question


I’m looking for wireless sensor communication. The XBee seems to be solution. So, if I understand correctly, I need XBee Adapter Module to connect in socket U on Gadgeteer and same Adapter module for each sensor. So any digital or analog sensor could be connected to this XBee module?


There are AD pins on the board.


Yes, I saw this. But it’s looking scary simple, so i thought that there must be some catch.
So : one XBee module on spider, one for each sensor, and sensor connects to AD pins?
The sensors would be connected just to XBee module, without FEZ spider mainboard?


And searching “I/O Line Passing” in Google.


@ Tzu Hsuan - Thanks


Also found synapse wireless modules. Has anyone experience with this? From their site i don’t understand which module I must order for connecting fez spider and digital sensor.


Hi, andre.m

Do you make the synapse gadgeteer module?
What is the benefit for this module than using Xbee?



I think that benefit is range, security an reability


Andre, i would like to order this modules and study it at home, but there are several option, and i dont know which of these do i need. Could you please just tell me what i need: i would like to have some digital sensor, maybe moving detector, that i could read remotly with my fez spider. So which of this modules i need for spider, and which for sensor. For now, the range is not a issue, becouse it’s for educative purpose.



@ andre.m - thanks for explanation. This seems to be perfect solution.


Are there any distributors in EU for Synapse?