XBee gadgeteer module on FEZ Cream?

It’s not on the supported list. Any specific reason why? I can use a USB FTDI xbee dongle, but would rather save USB for something else…

May just be that the driver hasn’t been ported?

The MFTOOLKIT has an XBEE driver that should be easy enough to port is this runs on .NETMF or the full .NET

… or get to the bottom of xbees yourself by going here [url]https://www.faludi.com/bwsn/[/url]

Been to the bottom and back several times… just wanted to check before I wrote the code. BTW - I own the book, but it is a bit outdated. Rob is an awesome XBee evangelist and helped with issues when we wrote the GBee driver.

I have the book as well and it helped me a lot to try and understand some of it …

Can you elaborate a bit on the outdated or refer to a more up-to-date source …

It’s a great book. My comment about being outdated only means that it is impossible to keep up with technology changes in print. The published year for this book is 2010 or 2011 I believe. A lot has happened in the last 5 years in this field. For example, learning the pros and cons of point to point, star, and mesh network topologies is valuable and has not changed. RF options, on the other hand, have changed considerably.

XBees used to be the most popular RF option for DIYers (and still might be). Other competitors even adopted their pinout footprint to try and get in on the action. There are other less expensive contenders out there now. It’s hard to beat the ESP8266 for price, and with the FCC (in the US) opening up more unlicensed bandwidth, there is a surge in longer range, higher throughput hardware options.

I use them because I like being able to prototype something with a short range module, and be able to to drop in a much longer range option when field testing. Other than accounting for the extra power use, it’s a plug and play swap. And I do have a pile of them… so investing in something else is not practical, even if shinier :slight_smile:

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… Thanks for the reply …

Until someone comes up with a nice lora board for netmf or gadgeteer it is xbee for me