XBee Adapter Module and sleep

Hi all

I have a XBee Adapter Module with a S2 Xbee.
One way to put xbee to sleep is to set pin9 high (3,3V), but from the diagram i can see that pin9 is not connected. Is there other way to put Xbee into sleep?

There is an AT command to do it but read this website for some issues to consider.


That example uses an AT command just to disable one xbee pin (because it interferes with arduino shield), the sleep part is done wiring a signal to xbee pin9. Im my case xbee adapter module doesn’t expose that pin, so i’m back to the begining…
I can solder a wire to the xbee PCB but each time i want to program the module with X-CTU i have to heat the iron…

@ geologic -
if you do not need RTS or CTS for hardwareflowcontrol you can misuse one of these pins in the way as shown here: