More movement :slight_smile:


Wow its moved to this decade in web design.

Reeeeally promising! :dance:

Thanks for sharing !

Notice the copyright? This is not a simple change in a very large company. But as now updated are simpler and faster I hope as it is now a different sister company.


The demos have a nice range!

mikroBus.net & Ingenuity Micro :slight_smile:

Also GHI+Gadgeteer (though way down on the bottom :frowning: )

@ Justin - Hope there’s good follow up on the redesign.

The site is gorgeous, but it needs consistent blog updates and new showcase projects and tutorials on a regular basis to have real value.

And the copyright from MS Open Tech would be more meaningful if they actually had some NETMF info on their site.

But all things in time… :slight_smile:

Couldn’t find that as well. I think they are missing the whole hardware section.

@ devhammer @ All

I have been asked to send feedback on the new site so if you want to mention anything i can pass it on tomorrow - so email me with any constructive comments.

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I personally don’t like how the top header takes up 27% of the screen real estate. Which is really valuable on mobile devices. I would stick with the navigation bar inside the header and free the rest up. The menu also blocks up even overflowing the header on smaller screens.

The scroll to top icon in the bottom right also covers the content on smaller screens.

Other then those initial impressions, I’m happy they went with responsive design and everything looks good.

Yeah, I think you’re right that the header could be shrunk a bit without losing the nice design, but overall, it’s far more usable on a mobile device than it was.

@ All - We sent them the link to this forum thread, so as @ Justin said please keep all comments and suggestions constructive. And IMHO I think this is a good start of things to come, now I think they are getting themselves positioned to release both content and framework updates at a quicker tempo as I think they have worked through most of the team transitional issues. Which needless to say makes me extremely happy. :clap:


Yep. Kind of like a runner getting their feet in the blocks at the beginning of a race…I’m excited by the potential here.

My hope is that there will also be a place on the site for the more commercial/industrial/enterprise oriented potential of the platform, e.g. a directory of Microsoft Partners with a proven track record regarding NETMF.

It’s great that the site addresses makers and educators, but prospective commercial users of the platform should also feel at home there.


@ All

Fully agree with Cuno about opportunity and convenience of promoting .NETMF as an industrial technology.

As far as we know, .NETMF is the only platform able to cover end-2-end need of engineers, firmware developers and designers/architects of embedded solutions from prototyping/lab phase to deployment in real-world scenarios…we only hope that Microsoft will realize that soon :slight_smile:

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I like the header when viewed from a large monitor. I would just make it use a more compact version when viewing from mobile.

Speaking as a former MSFTie, the thing to keep in mind is that “Microsoft” is made up of lots of teams and people. There are plenty of people (Pete Brown, for instance) who very much “get” NETMF and its value. The trick is getting the right folks at Microsoft who can increase budget and headcount allocated to NETMF to see that value.

Given that NETMF is free and OSS, one has to ask, where can Microsoft make money here? Because if there’s no revenue potential at all, it’s very hard to justify development and marketing headcount.

One place this community might be able to move the needle is to build cool stuff using some of the features in Microsoft Azure targeted at IoT. Having those kinds of showcase projects available to show off internally might help those within MS who want NETMF to grow to make the case internally.

Just some additional thoughts…purely my opinion as someone interested in NETMF from the hobbyist side, and not based on any non-public information from my past employment.


Speaking of showcases using Azure:



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“At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.” [em]Satya Nadella - Microsoft CEO[/em]

need more … ?

Read the rest at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/ceo/index.html