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Hi guys

i’ve uploaded the current cost gadgeteer first release driver!



I’m interested, tell me more, is there a Gadgeteer module or how do I connect to this? What do I need to get to make this work?


Very interesting


@ Duke NukemHero i’ve used just a breakout board and a network cable (the envi R has a RJ45 plug where you can find the serial 3.3v compliant pinout!)

You can provide even power to the enviR but in this case your gadgeteer must be external powered… i found many issue using just the usb power with my mountaineer ethernet board!

but… finally it works! very well!

Sooner i’ll upload even the right pinout!


Ooooooo, i have one of those in the power box…time to get the pliers out :slight_smile:

thanks for the idea ablenet.


@ AlbeNET - ive just looked at mine, its a cc128, is that the same model as yours?


exactly the esame of mine… try band let me say if you found any issue.


@ Gus can we add to the comunity show case my module?

I’ve updated with a lot of informations even about the wiring!