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WSN(XBee) temperature and humidity


Dear forum member,
I want to build my ZigBee networks containing 5 XBee Pro S2(5 Arduino Uno) as Router and one gateway CPX4 as Coordinator.


—>In the gateway:

*PAN ID: 0x4a59
*channel: 0xc
*scan all channels

---->In router XBee Pro 2:

*PAN ID: 4a59
*channel scan: 16
*DH, DL destination: 0

I choose the star topology because each xbee module will send a temperature and humidity value to the server through the gateway.
These XBee modules receive nothing from gateway.(modules---->gateway).

It’s the best choice or not ?if you can give me suggesions?

How packets flow in the network to zigbee?

A single packet of the last xbee contains all data from the other xbee ?
or each xbee is send a packet to the gateway ?!!

I can implemented the protocol CSMA / CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection): the module xbee sent these doonnes when the channel is available??!




Hi maro and welcome :slight_smile:

Are you using any NETMF devices as you only mention Arduino

What sort of range etc do you need?


Dear Justin ,
thanks for your message,
i use a DHT22 , XBee Pro S2(digi) , Xbee shield ,Arduino uno,gateway connectportx4(digi),Mini6410


It might be best to head over to as this is a forum for Microsoft .Net Micro framework and not Arduino


you have any idea if my my ZigBee networks with this congiguration and topology , is work fine?


As long as you have your PANs etc all correct then it should work fine.