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WPF Tutorial



Is there a good WPF Tutorial in the net?

Thanks for any links or book hints.

Regards, Andi


What about code example? See the GHI graphical example found on wiki and also see pixys operating system.

Maybe we can get someone in the community to write something for the wiki? :slight_smile:

Jeans kuhner book covers wpf


Oh, I just saw, that the book of Jens Kuhner is in our library at the university - I will try to get it.

Regards, Andi


Speaking of books. If you are looking for WPF in general I recommend “Pro WPF in C#2010” by Matthew MacDonald


Hmm ok, I ment WPF especially on .NET micro framework


Then Jens Kuhner’s book is for sure (Chapter 11).


You might also notice that WPF in NETMF is nothing like WPF in .NET.

As Gus said, checkout the GHI example…