Wow Wow Wow must see Kinect Magic YOU MUST SEE THIS TED TALK and yes I'm yelling

Perhaps a glimmer of the future

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Great show!

Very cool and he is a good story teller too.

There is no doubt this guy is a top notch pro and the performance isn’t just off the cuff, but still its amazing and I think its a small glimpse of what is going to be possible in the near future because of things like Kinect and Gadgeteer which is why I’m so stroked on these technologies. This isn’t pretend innovation like what Apple sells, this is real game changing innovation delivered by a company that understand that innovation comes because you gave people the tools to innovate and then got the hell of way and let those people bring forth the future from their imagination.

I particularly like the parts where the screen goes black and white and his image is altered to look like someone he is quoting.

@ duke - stroked?!?

I think he meant stoked.

@ Josh - I knew that, but absolutely could not let a freudian slip like that go unnoticed :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - I can’t bring myself to play your video… well, okay i did. very nice!