Would you have fun with LED stripes?

Just to show my child how it works, in 10min build a Hydra LED driver …

What you need ?
3 MOSFET N-channel (SP36N or equivalent), 3 resistors (100-120ohm), P socket (3 PWM channel) and obviously a LED stripe (12V is ok).
I use a 5mt strip, that drain more or less 12V/1,5A full illuminated.

Gadgeteer is going to have really fun … 8)

Cool! Individually controlled?

I can control all R,G,B leds of the stripe making funny colors, but not single led. The strip can be cutted in piece of 3 RGB led each. In this way you can make some more sophisticated control, but need more hardware and probably a chip like TLC4590.

These strips are awesome and reasonable. I got a 5 meter one with remote control for under $40 on Amazon. For individual control, I really like the WS2801 ICs. They’re available in strips like this, but much more expensive, like $40/meter. I posted a driver for a strip with these ICs on the code site some time ago.

I’ll try this now, too. How did you realized the circuit? Did you connect FEZ-GND to 12V-GND?

Hi Mark, you absolutely need to have GNDs connected between devices/components that have two differing power sources, unless you’re using an optocoupler, and in that situation you would not interconnect them.