Would someone be willing to post the FEZ Cobra board layout as a PDF with dimensions?

Hi guys,

I am looking for dimensions on the Cobra board, so that I can move forward with a custom enclosure for a customer.

I cannot read Eagle files, so if I could find a PDF with the board layout/dimensions and hole patterns, that would be great!

If the PDF is already here on the Forums, I am having trouble finding it!

Thanks guys!

Under hard ware click cobra click brochure. compare has dementions also is a link under cobra too.
So goto the place to buy and the information is right there with a couple clicks.

4.42" x 3.32" (11.24cm x 8.44cm)


I also downloaded and installed Eagle and was able to navigate around the drawings and the get the dimensions that I am looking for!

Thanks guys!

What about the location of the holes in relation to the edges of the board?

Trying to lay out a board to sit under (or on top of) the Cobra and would like to be able to use the hole for standoffs.

Messing around with Eagle but I’m not confident that I’m using the tools right.