Working with Ethernet ENC28 module in RLP / RLPLight


I need to work with ENC28 module from C code (RLP light) an from C#…

I want to sent data (int array of 100,000 items) to C# code (Can use TCP/UDP or other protocol), after that i want to call to RLP procedure that will run till it will get “megic packet” from Ethernet. I also need to send statuses from C (RLP) to other computer, using this ethernet device.

have you any idea how can i do it?

I am looking for TCP/UDP or other stack for C, and also for C#…

Is this on Hydra?


You can’t do it from both sides. It is a bad idea even if you recompile the firmware to fit your needs. Not impossible, just a bad idea.

I do not fully understand what you are trying to do but check this out please