Working on a project to make a Game using FEZ Spider (For fun)

I hope it’s OK to post here about this. Just thought I’d share what I’ve done so far.

I’ve added the project to codeplex (GPL).

It’s an RPG game that uses the T35 touch screen (With glide) and currently uses the SD card module. (I plan to expand it later to use other modules such as the Ethernet/WiFi modules)

The code is currently enough to roll a six character party.



Interesting. Do you have some pictures or video?

I’ve just took a quick video and uploaded it to youtube

Apologies for the blurriness :wink:


Very sweet start.

It is a good start indeed!

By the way you can embed youtube videos in posts, using “youtube” button from the toolbar.

Thanks, made the mistake of posting whole URL earlier and it looked a mess :wink:


Several of my first programming attempts (unfinished) on the C64 were RPGs. There’s just something inviting about them; you can be super creative, for one


@ Pete,

For me it was Spectrum, Amiga, Windows, Windows Phone 7 and now Micro Framework.
I’m also working on a version on windows azure with a WinPhone7/Desktop client hence would like to get web services worked out on the Fez Spider (Something for later though :slight_smile: )

I had a friend in the US who worked on the graphics hence the current artwork.


Funny you mention RPG on Commodore.

My wife periodically does Google searches on my name and my son’s name. In one of these searches she came up with the following link:

This is a text adventure style game my son and I developed around 1986 and uploaded to Compuserve.

Managed to get a bit further. The maze can be generated with the desktop tool (See attached pic)

And it can now be walked around using the FEZ Spider with the Touch Screen.

(Apologies for the bluryness of the image, the camera insisted on focusing on my hands)

BTW I achieved the rotate left/right and forward by creating 3 empty text blocks onto of the bitmap that displays the rendered maze in Glide and then creating tap events for them. The top half of the screen is forward. Bottom left and Right are rotate left and right.


That is a nice progress.
“Eye of the beholder” forever! ;D ;D ;D

Actually it’s Tyrann for ever ;D

(I know, I’m old :wink: )

I was just trying to steer you in the “right” direction. ;D ;D ;D

I’m having none of this real time stuff. It’s going to be turn based combat like it used to be in the good old days :wink:


I love this. You could add a network interface and play remotely, too!

I was planning in future version to add a network interface so that it could connect to a server and download game content. But I need to get something up and running first ;-).

More generating bitmaps on the fly. Seems to work really well using glide images.