Wiznet5100 Why you no Pong?

Is there a register that must be set to allow the wiznet5100 module to respond to pings, or is that logic that you must handle yourself?

Ping is handled internally after the chip has initialized properly with a valid ip.

@ Gus - So it’s just supposed to work straight out the box. I wonder what I’m doing wrong now. I’m using an ip of and a mask of (which are valid for my network). The device is on a switch connected to the entire network. I know ping used to work before.

I don’t believe this. The problem was the mac address. It seems that Wiznet’s MAC address is: 00.08.DC.01.02.03 (0008DC) Anything other than those first 3 hexes results in no ping; and I suspect no network connectivity. Well at least it didn’t take me a day to figure that one out.

MAC addresses need to be valid and supported by your router. Some routers don’t like what should be a valid MAC address based on the random MAC address generators on the web (I have a page tagged from MAC Address Lookup - Random MAC Address Generator )

I had it connected directly to my computer at first, and it also did not work. I doubt that the hardware knows that the MAC addresses are “non existant”. I think there is something in the chip that only allows it to work if it’s a Wiznet MAC.