WizNet WIZ811MJ

I have managed to get hold of a couple of WizNet WIZ811MJ, these boards have a W5100 + MAG-JACK.
Am I correct in assuming that this will work with the existing ethernet WIZ drivers for the panda,
(I would have got the ethernet shields but these came free)

There is some discussion going on here:


Yes it is the same chip so they will simply work with the GHI drivers

Where do i find notes on connecting wiz811mj to a g120 cobra 2 board? Is this the same as the gadgeteer ethernet board?

It’s not the same. The WIZ chip contains its own TCPIP stack for setting up and controlling up to 4 sockets. This is intended for use with small cpus, like the Panda or Arduino, which haven’t got enough memory space for their own TCPIP software stack.
The G120 has its own stack, and uses the ENC28J60 just for the ethernet interface. The EC28 doesn’t have its own TCPIP stack.
You could look up old libraries from Arduino to find C-code for running the WIZ, but I doubt that it’s worth the effort to use the WIZ on the G120. Time marches on …

thanks Guys…guess i need to order a enc28 board asap.

Question…anyone know how i would discover other g120 network devices on a network without knowing an ip address?