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Wireless testing


Decided to see how long the trusty 900mah TrustFire Lipo would last on the board…

The board reads a SparkFun MPU9150 9 DOF sensor via I2C sends X, Y and Z accel data over the wire via the RF Pipe, flashes the onboard LED for 5ms, snoozes for 20ms - rinse and repeat until the Lipo gets to 3v and cuts off.

Data is picked up via a RF Pipe plugged in the PC via a SparkFun xBee explorer.

Lasted ~ 7 hours - not bad i reckon since there is no effort at saving juice…use it or loose it in this test :smiley:


So nice, what to expect when trying to save some juice?


Few things…

[ul]low current LED’s or None will save some mA’s
power the RF Pipe down when not in use ~ 14mA
Run the STM at 84mhz = ~ 30 odd mA’s[/ul]

Massage the firmware - alot of mA’s…