Wireless gadgets for .NetMF

I am looking the the .NetMF for my hobby use. I need a simple temperature sensor and that is actually pretty straight forward however I also need him to be wireless since it will be located approx. 30-40 feet from the mainboard without the possibility to connect with wires.

Been surfing the net without any luck trying to find solution to this maybe a sensor capable of connecting to a wireless transmitter with a receiver on the other end.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum!

In an abstract, you’d typically need:


  • temp sensor
  • wireless sender
  • a microcontroller to read sensor and to manage wireless sender


  • wireless receiver
  • a microcontroller to control wireless receiver

To build a list of parts, more details would be needed

Some would be:

  • budget
  • what your base station will be (another microcontroller board? your phone?)
  • what your base station will do with the data (upload to cloud? show on screen?)

Thank’s for the greet and answer.

My project is small at first, I have a hot tub which does not have a temperature meter but I would like to monitor it’s temperature to see when it is ready. I would locate the meter either in the water itself (providing that I can make it water proof) or attached it to the outside of the hot top shell.

On the receiving end at first I would just like to get the temperature reading displayed on a screen (similar to this 4.3" https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/421) to monitor the temperature manually. Maybe in the future I would like to upload the temperature reading to a DB, web service or something similar but that is not a priority in phase one.

Then challenge I am having is finding where I can buy components to make the temperature reading wireless. I find very little documentation or components on the internet for this purpose.

Hope someone has done this before and has a solutions to this.

What part if the world are you?

Europe, Iceland to be exact

Lol, hence the hot tub.
Doing what you want is pretty easy.
Which way do you prefer, sensor to another netmf board or sensor to phone and or pc?

I am aiming for sensor to .NetMF so I can build a solution for this, it will not be the only sensor reading I am going to use but probably the only wireless one.

I have a few solutions that would work…
How small do you want it and how many/type of IO do you need?

One would think smaller er better but it depends also on price and complexity. The idea for this is to make this a personal project, buying a mainboard similar to FEZ Raptor or Ceberus and build a solutions to monitor the temperature of the hot tub and also other meters or surveillance gear as thing progress.