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Wireless communication (wich one)


I’m working on a project where a Domino will control some hardware (X,Y positioning table, studio lighting etc). I want to be able to communicate between the control PC and the remote devices wirelessly, I have considered primarily Xbee and Bluetooth. I’m leaning towards Bluetooth since most laptops already have it installed and I can just use a Bluetooth module like the Bluetooth bee from seeed studios with a serial profile. Then I started thinking could I just use a Bluetooth USB dongle on the Domino? Are there any libraries to use Bluetooth with a serial profile on the Domino? That would be really nice since I could use class 1 dongles and get some serious range if needed. Any thoughts?


We do not support Bluetooth USB dongles because it would be too much work to do vs using a serial bluetooth module. We already have bluetooth component on our website. Connect it to one of the serial ports and you will be good to go.

On a side note, we had bluetooth stack built in but we decided to drop the support. Bluetooth serial modules are cheap and very well available.