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Wire gauges


This is a newbie question: What wire gauges are you using in your project?

I currently have some 26 AWG wire that I’ve scavenged from a university classes. I also have, what I think, a 24 AWG from a DFRobot robot kit.

I need to buy some more and was wondering what kind of wires should I buy? I know wires are not that expensive, but I do not want to buy without ever using it.


The gauge to use depends upon current. Take a look at this:


For short distances at low power, basically anything will work. Anything more and you will want to calculate the gauge based on the power requirements…
I’m sure a good tutorial on this can be found though google


Thanks sıɹɥɔ and Mike.

That’s what I thought…


Here you go:


[quote]Here you go:

Thank you Eric, next time I would ask you directly… :-[


Some times RTFM is not why people ask a forum. I can rtfm and not get to the essense of the issue the same as a good two liner from someone experienced. Even a ~simple question can shead light on things others did not even know. Or, in my case, remind them of things they forgot at least three times. :slight_smile:


The only thing ruder than calling someone out on rude behaviour is the use of “HTTP://” If one is willing to waste the time using that website, they could very well have just answered the question along with references two were someone could find more information ( the only exception to the don’t use lmgtfy)
@ William was just a little too nice. I would prefer to nip this in the bud


It wasn’t meant to sound rude at all, and if it did, my apologies.

Back to business…


Let’s keep this forum as friendly place for everyone to share knowledge. We all want one thing, invent the coolest gadget so let us concentrate on that :slight_smile: