Windows RS5, Mouse movement


I’m using Fez Spider II with .NETMF and Gadgeteer, and I have problems with mouse movement on Windows 10 RS5.

While sending data by UsbStream.Write method (ex [2, 126, 55, 201, 112]), mouse is working properly, and it’s moving to the correct position, but when I’m trying to send mouse click (ex [1, 1, 0, 0]) it will perform click, and reset cursor position to the left top corner of the screen.

I’m sending the same input data as in Windows 10 RS4, where mouse was working properly.

What could be causing this issue?
Have you ever encountered this problem?

A mouse movement is relative. I do not see how a click would cause the pointer to zero out. Very strange.

You’re using the raw USbStream object? Also, Is it resetting the position to the top left or just left most? If you have two screens, is it resetting it to the left most of the the left most screen?

Yes I’m using raw UsbStream object from Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.UsbClient.
It is resetting cursor position to the top left.
I’m unable to check it on second monitor.

It may be that something changed in that update to Windows. If you have a USB analyzer it would be useful to capture a trace from an actual mouse compared to what you’re sending. After that, I would read the USB HID specification to make sure you’re sending properly formatted data.