Windows Phone

Anyone have a windows phone and wants to beta test something for me (Gadgeteer related), just direct message me your email address.


I’m down if the Lumia 521 counts.

Will it work on the new Nokia’s? :whistle:

WP8, WP7.1, or WP7?!?

What module requirements?

I’ve got a Lumia 521, as well.

Shoot, me your test…

My Huawei W1 is waiting…

I think @ Duke asked to direct msg him the e-mail address if anybody interested. In case you guys missed it in his request. :wink:

@ Architect - Yeah, but I think we also like showing off our Windows Phones ;D

@ Iggmoe - I don’t blame you. :smiley:

In that case count in, what I call “Gigantor”, my 1520 in :smiley:

(reference at 1:30 sec – I guess my old iPhone was called “tiny” )

When I go to install the xap I get:

Can’t install company app

Before you can install this app, you need to add a Microsoft Company company account.
Contact your company’s support person for help.

I tried to add a company account on the phone with the same credentials I used for LIve and other MS services, but no success.

Got it working!

After installing the certificate from that link, was able to get it working.

BTW - where do we report feedback?

Does it have on screen buttons instead of em on the bezel? Is it nicknamed after Bond characters?

If you can email or direct message me any comments or suggestions, that would be great.



Got an HTC 7 Pro, if you like.