Windows Phone lives on and BrainPad goes wireless

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Like me, you may have purchased a Windows Phone or two, maybe 3 because it was tooting to be the cool kid on the block. Yep, I had the 925, 920, and a 950XL started with the 8.1 OS and end with something from the developer fast ring for the Windows 10 Mobile. How I wanted this phone to work so badly, but great news, Windows Phone still lives on!


Have a BrainPad and looking for some ideas. Here you can see the BranPad getting a major upgrade like its highly anticipated sibling FEZ.


I’m still using my Lumia 929. Though I think the wife will divorce me soon if I don’t get a “real” phone. :slight_smile:

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Now I know what to do with all these phones in my drawer!:smiley:


Hey Kirk,

I will have something for you at next months meetup. Or you can stop by the office and pick it up.

Thanks Gary