Windows monthly

@ Justin - I don’t think Microsoft will change their project management system every month because of the recent management changes.

@ Justin - this is a mixed gender forum. You might want to edit.

@ Justin - I’m with Ian. Not cool, and not appropriate, even in off-topic. Let’s try to keep TinyCLR a welcoming place for everyone…

Fair enough will keep my mouth shut for awhile.

I’ll put the link back

It is very surprising and disturbing.

I thought this was going to be a thread about new magazine or something.

Question is, did he bail on his own because he knows Windows users don’t care about Win8 or was he told to fall on his sword because the analysts smell turkey? Either way I’m not buying the “he was too hard to work with” explanation given that it was one of the reasons they put him in charge of the then-imploding Windows group.

No kidding!

Come back, we are not mad at you. :wink:

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@ Architect - Back :slight_smile:
Been a busy boy getting some modules ready…

Enough Chit-Chat back to work :slight_smile:

@ Justin know you have some uber cool stuff on the burner over there and I can hardly wait to get it. Which brings me to you @ Architect, you have some cool stuff in the works, hows it coming along? I’m a module junkie on the edge here!!!

BTW - I received a couple of those. Very nice! I’m hoping to play with them some this weekend. Do I really have to give them away? :wink: I do want a couple for myself if you’re ready to start taking orders.

@ ianlee74 - they look better in black and with the LEDs arranged in a proper circle :wink:
Is was going to wait for next Fridays offer…but you know my email. :slight_smile:

Will be there be an announcement that might seem familiar to me?

@ Duke

out of town right now. With kids in Orlando.

@ Architect hopefully Discovery Cove is on your to do list with the kids as it certainly scored some daddy points for me in years gone by, enjoy your vacation!

@ mhectorgato - no idea what your talking about…

O wait…

You mean one of these little boards sitting on my desk waiting to be populated with some IC’s and headphone sockets? :wink:

Hope to ship you a sample this week…

Discovery Cove? something else youve been brewing up ??

Just something my kids (and the wife) really enjoyed in Orlando

Isn’t it a little cool to get into the water?