Windows embedded compact - explain please

Can someone explain this Why Windows Embedded Compact 7 should be Microsoft’s anti-iPad strategy | VentureBeat

In perspective to netmf??

EDIT: Here is the ms source:

Microsoft is very confusing with its embedded offerings - this looks like windows ce shudder

@ njbuch - This is most definitely a newer version of Windows CE. Windows CE is more like the desktop for slightly more powerful systems (at least was the case with XP CE) such as POS systems etc.

Microsoft is very confusing, XP CE is NOT Windows CE, Windows CE has its own real time kernel (NOT XP/NT based), and is used in windows mobile (amongst others), it has a Win32 like API, COM etc, and a version of .NET called the Compact Framework,
afaik Microsoft embedded team don’t know of the existence of Micro Framework wah!!

… which required over 10 MB of RAM last time I looked, to answer the obvious next question - therefore out of microcontroller territory.

… not anymore I guess, with all those new NETMF boards coming…

Huh? What do NETMF boards have to do with NETCF memory requirements?

IMO the more powerful NETMF boards are MUCH better suited to CE/NETCF. The programming experience would be better as well, with linq, lambdas, generics, JIT, and everything you’ll likely never see on NETCF. If you’ve got external RAM and flash, then you’re probably in CE/NETCF territory.

This is my opinion.

They just got plenty of RAM! Raptor, G120, F429Discovery…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but one needs Windows for NETCF. That means it’s no longer cheap anymore.

Neither are NETMF boards with hardware that is capable of running Windows CE.

They are not, but Windows CE would truly be off-scale for a hobbyist. Plus, that would add another layers of complexity, storage requirements and hardware access would be somewhat a complicated thing (like in RPi, for example).

Putting NETCF to NETMF hardware would require tremendous amount of work, IMO. As much as adding JIT to NETMF.

I’d vote for JIT in NETMF. NETCF as it is now has already lost against RPi and Edison.

@ Simon from Vilnius - That’s kinda my point.

Enjoy the video

Hi All,

Let me share my little experience :

I’ve made some tests on Compact Framework before choosing the NETMF, and there are several things to know before lauching a NETCF Project :

  1. WEC is a licenced product with a fee per device, which can be a problem facing some other OS free such as Linux,

  2. NETCF is not C# based. You need to go back to C++ and Unmanaged Code, which can be difficult if you do not have internal HR with this knowledge available,

  3. WEC is an OS, and thus, it needs to build what is called a BSP (Board Support Package) before developing the soft.

  4. Building a BSP is so difficult that I rapidly leave the idea and make contact with a specialized company to build it for me with my given specs. You can count about 20 to 30k€ to do that, and 5k€ more if you want it to boot fast and have a stable result.

  5. A BSP does not include All the needed driver and templates as if you do that, it will end with a BSP Size quite the same as a full Windows, so you have to master and validate all the components you need before starting. IT is also the same for the TCP Stack that you can match your needs (do not integrate HTTP, FTP and so on…). Knowing that, if you don’t know what are the thousands of options in the BSP you can activate or not, just start praying !

  6. Finally, if you do not really know exactly what you need and just want to test different combinations, you have to consider that building a BSP can take several minutes depending of your Compiler machine and the specs you need…

  7. WEC is so far from being a plug and play OS such as Full Windows can be, or even NETMF that is delivered as is !

Well, WEC require an expertise that is not open to everybody, and need several years of experience to achieve(for me at least). And as it was said before, the Platform that can run WEC are not much than the one that can run NETMF, because of Processors provider (NXP, FressScale, etc.) that have priviledged free licenced OS such as LINUX and build prefteched BSP that can be used for these OS,…



I assume you mean WEC, and not NETCF?

Other than that, looks about right. What you get at the end, however, is significantly more capable than NETMF. Like you said, it’s an OS.

Yes you’re right ! Left in my cut-replace for WEC…

Of course it is, but as far as I’m concerned, it was to much for my target and money !
And now, with the graphic capabilities of NETMF and the power of a G400 coupled to a 7 inch cap touch screen, you can do nice things also !

@ LouisCpro - Thanks for a very informative and serious note, I am now much more certain that I am not going in the windows direction for my current prototyping efforts.

Thanks again. :clap:

@ LouisCpro - Did you consider this:

If you need an OS, there are cheaper/easier/faster options than NETCF.