Windows Developer Program for IoT

Anybody else participating and getting the kit?

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Cool. I got an email that it will be shipped soon.

I am also signed up and waiting

Curious, that they did not ask for experience with NETMF/Gadgeteer platforms, only Arduino, Raspberry PI and others.

I just pointed this out to our NETMF contact at Microsoft.

Any particular projects you are going to make with it?

Got my notice yesterday.

@ Architect - I’m thinking about possibly building something for different STEM programs, where they essentially build miniature smart homes and the “home data” is uploaded to the cloud and different programs can compare monitoring data from each smart home. I of course am also going to mix in some NETMF and Gadgeteer stuff.

@ Gary - Sounds interesting.

I was thinking about home automation as well. I would like to try multiple thing and see where it would fit the best.

When I get the kit and finalize what I really want to do, I will let you know and maybe we can compare notes.

Sure! Interesting what other participants will make with it.

I received an email asking for shipping info.

I’m going to be disappointed if this is the same as Galileo but “just” with WiFi hardware and Azure services added on.

I hope this is more MS centric. Not that there’s anything wrong with Linux/Arduino, just my preference is to stay with what I know. There’s so much that I’m still learning.

Found this funny! Posted by ARM!

I don’t think anyone would consider a Galileo/Quark for that purpose, other than the temperature, it’s certainly not near as power efficient (it does go hand in hand) and it looks to require a lot more support electronics (also causes power related issues).

It’s like saying – “which is the best hammer for building a house – a framing hammer or a cross-peen?”

Without knowing what software those chips are running that is a meaningless test. Basically just marketing trolls.

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Got an email for shipping info too :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to automate the home theater in my new house with it. :wink:

Maybe Win8.1 embedded?

My understanding was that much of the IoT SDK was for hooking the devices to the Azure infrastructure. I wasn’t expecting new software on the devices themselves.

However, we are still looking for the announcement from Microsoft about whatever the big secret thing is that has prompted GHI to make changes. I am hoping for a Gadgeteer SDK for Azure IoT.

We can only dream… whatever we end up with, I’m glad they’re being so generous with the hardware. Maybe they’ve finally figured out the crew on this forum (and other embedded geeks) can really help their IoT campaign work out.

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