Windows 8 and .NET Framework on ARM processors

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I tried to look up if this was mentioned by using the link and phrases in search box but didn’t find anything.

No response from anyone to this? GHI is not concerned about this? Maybe the price of the ARM + licence for Windows 8 will be way over a .net micro framework budget?

This all is good! What to be concerned about?

They’re talking about WindowsRT. When they say “ARM” they most absolutely do NOT mean Cortex-M processors. They mean Cortex-A processors, the kind that are in smartphones and existing tablets.

We’ve known that Windows8 would run on ARM processors (not ARM microcontrollers) for a long time. This is not news. We’ve even known that the full-blown .NET framework would run on WindowsRT for quite a while.

Look up the “Microsoft Surface” tablet to see what they mean. There are two varieties, one which is basically a glorified smartphone (the ARM version) and one which is an actual computer (which has an Intel processor in it). Both run Windows 8. Neither are in competition with NETMF, any more than smartphones running NETCF were.


Don’t forget that NETMF is target at a whole different range of processors than Win8 is. Just because they both have ports to ‘ARM based’ processors does not mean much. There are a whole range of ARM cores out there, some would be better targets for NETMF and some would be better targets for Win8.

ARM chips go from $0.50 to $50, not for same applications and not for same markets.