Windows 7 machine not detecting device

Have a strange one when trying to get the client to install Tinybooter and then the firmware to boards I have designed.

Tinybooter installs with the ST software but the device does not show up as it should in Device Manager. It only shows up as a WinUSB device and MFDeploy that they installed does not detect it.

It works fine on my development machine.

Could it be because they don’t have the Microframework SDK installed?

Other boards I did work fine on his machine but they were programmed by me with Tinybooter and the Firmware so all the installation was already present and MFDeploy detects them. It’s just these new boards with only having Tinybooter installed that are not detected by MFDeploy.

Standard practice for me when this happens has been to unplug the device; go into Device Manager, enable View->Show Hidden Devices, and then right click and Uninstall the netmf devices there; and then plug in the device. The correct device driver will then get associated with the pid/vid on that port. This only seems to solve driver issues and pid/vid confusion. If the board is mis-announcing itself due to firmware issues, then this won’t help, but it will eliminate one cause.

Next step for me then is to use usbview (found in the Windows SDK Debug Tools) to view the details of what the PC is really seeing on that port in order to determine if the board is introducing itself correctly.

ref : UsbView : [url]Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career

EDIT: @ cyberh0me is correct of course too - if they are running v4.4 MFDeploy, it often (always?) won’t interact correctly with a 4.3 board, but given that you say it shows up as WinUsb, then it is a driver or USB problem and the issue is outside of MFDeploy.

That was what it was. Seems they download V 2.0.0 from somewhere on the web so once I sent them 4.3 it was detected correctly.