Windows 10 IoT Core release

Hi All

We’ve stuck a bow on it and released Windows 10 IoT Core.

Official announcement:


Given that this supports several different platforms, we still have work to do on some. For example, the dragonboard is not yet supported, and we have some current limitations on the Pi 2 build.

We plan to have additional releases in the future. Some important notes on the PI:
Windows 10 IoT Core is still being ported to the Raspberry PI. The video driver for the Raspberry PI is still under development, and its performance has not yet been optimized. Animated user elements, such as XAML based drop down menus in particular, may display poorly. [Edit from Pete: In addition, the onboard UART is not currently functional for serial, and anything which requires a Popup element (example: WebAuth Broker) will fail. WiFi requires the use of a specific Raspberry Pi WiFi adapter.]


This is super cool!!

@ Pete Brown - Can you tell us which WiFi adapter or is there still testing being done before that can be made public?

*** EDIT *** Raspberry Pi Store - Raspberry Pi

It’s this one, but it’s pretty much impossible to get.

I have a second one in testing myself (actually sitting here next to me, not tested yet), but don’t have anything to report just yet. It’s almost as hard to get, and is available only from the UK. The team hasn’t tested this one, but it is same chipset as above.


@ Gary -

Adafruit has the supported module: [url][/url]

They are out of stock now; I got mine as part of the PI2 starter pack.

Can I borrow it?

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@ Gary -

Well, I lied. I did get the starter pack for PI2, but it contains the older dongle, not the new Win10 version. But if I had the right version, you could have borrowed it.

@ suitable1 - lol…fair enough

That is wünderschön!

Will future updates to the Windows 10 IoT Core support ANY USB Wi-Fi dongles? I already have one and want to know if I should just wait it out or buy a new, supported one

That’s my one gripe with Adafruit - they are ALWAYS out of stock on the items you really want. I used to be a distributor for them in Spain through my online store, and it was a source of constant frustration and led me to holding larger inventories, which of course everybody did and that just made the problem worse.

Anyway, piswag still has them and they will ship pretty much anywhere, and they will express ship : Being in the EU, they worked particularly well for me because it meant no customs fees.

[Edit: Doooh - didn’t scroll back far enough - same link as Gary posted]

Can’t say for sure long-term, but very unlikely in the near-term.


Any ETA you can share with us about win-10 iot on the dragonboard ?

I ordered the Wi-Fi Dongle from Mouser Canada (It ships from TX, so I guess it’s the same stock…)


Should be here by today, hopefully.

3 in stocks…

Edit: Got it and it’s working fine! Sweet!

Does Windows 10 IoT Core support listening on a TCP/IP port other than the ports for debugging purposes? Can I use it as a web server?

@ Mr. John Smith - Got my wifi adapters yesterday and they work great, and yes you can establish client and server sockets and serve up web pages. Some folks claim to have gotten working, though I haven’t tried that. There are some web server samples here : GitHub - ms-iot/samples: Windows 10 IoT Core Samples

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Ok question, I am looking to really get started on my master project, and IoT core is appealing, and I have both a Fez Hat and Fez Cream, so prototyping on the RPI2 should be fun, but is there something I should look at for the long term as a board for production?

Also, any ETA on the UART? I gotta talk to XBee!

@ Squeebee - the uart support comes from Microsoft, not us. I am not sure what it was not supported as uart is not that complex.

@ Gus - I know, I was giving Pete flack. :wink:

Nothing yet.

Apparently it’s an issue with driver support. UART is simple when you’re right on the hardware. It’s far more complex when you have driver layers in between.

USB serial is supported, in case that unblocks anything. UART Serial also works on the Minnowboard Max, but that won’t help you here.

It’s ok. I pass it all along :slight_smile:


Ooh, is there any sample on that? I just need to talk to an XBee controller so I can make the RP2 into a gateway. And while you pass along the flack, please toss some praise in with it. This really has me excited!