Windows 10 in a credit card size

UP - Intel x5-Z8300 board in a Raspberry Pi2 form factor



So… a third-party Raspberry Pi? That cost more than a Raspberry Pi2?

Looks to be full Windows with GPIO

Full Windows on 1GB of RAM. Not going to be pretty.

The CPU is impressive, the rest of it is pretty meh. It’s also quite expensive, at over $100 given current exchange rates. Also a bit disappointing that they’ve left off the USB 3 ports that the CPU supports.

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All they talk about in that kickstarter is Linux. You don’t see Windows 10 except for the graphic and the FAQ.

Bringing up a board like this on Windows requires a lot more than just processor support. It’s the drivers that are the long tail, especially the DirectX/display drivers. In fact, on the Raspberry Pi 2, the most difficult thing is the DirectX drivers for the display. That’s why there’s no hardware accelerated video just yet.

From the looks of the site, it really seems like they’re just saying “Windows 10 should work because it’s an Intel processor”. :confused: 1gb of RAM is small, but the base Minnowboard Max ships with only 1mb, so obviously it works. I’ve reached out to them to see if they’re working with anyone here at the mothership.

Price-wise, it’s around the same as the Minnowboard Max. Presumably the Pi form factor is to allow the same cases and mounting accessories to be used.

It’s a quad core processor, which is impressive. They have a 2GB version in the works according to the FAQ, but it’s not one of the rewards.


Which would require custom drivers and the use of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

If they focus on IoT Core, they would still need drivers for GPIO, graphics, disk, etc. but it would be more accessible to the community. today, though, you can’t bring up custom boards with IoT Core. That’ll be changing.


My guess is when they say “Windows 10” they mean full-fat desktop Windows 10. No GPIO or anything like that (without custom drivers). Should be true, this is a bog-standard Atom processor, should run any desktop Windows version from the last decade or two…

FYI. I’m talking with them.


Is there any news concerning the Windows 10 support?

We’ve talked with them, but any result here is not our story to tell.



According to me, Windows10 will not work properly with the RAM of 2GB or less.

All of our IoT Core devices are 1GB memory: Raspberry Pi 2, Minnowboard Max (lower cost one), and the Qualcomm Dragonboard with Snapdragon 410c

Supposedly you can do 1gb memory with the 32 bit version of Windows 10 Pro. I haven’t tried, though. I can’t imagine the experience would be great for apps. Maybe for IoT stuff it will be fine.


It’s a Cherry Trail processor. Intel probably has a graphics driver for it that will work on Win 10. I have an HP Stream 7 that I got last year. It runs Windows 8.1 at an acceptable speed for simple things. It has a Bay Trail processor (the generation before) 1GB of RAM and 32GB of emmc “disk”. It is not speedy compared to most Windows tablets, but it works fine playing music and browsing the web.