Windows 10 developer tools preview now available


@ Pete Brown - Can you lend me some spare time to play with it? :wink:

I would, but mine is all spoken for :slight_smile:


awesome, guys take a look at the repo samples:

Windows 10 gives access to pretty much every living sensor you can find in todays Phones and tablets :clap:

couple those with some BLE and NETMF and magic is born :slight_smile:



So I built up a VM with all the cool new stuff and am looking at the universal samples. Anyone successfully deploy one of those? I’m getting a deployment error indicating I’m missing a prerequisite, but dang if I can find any more details (log or online).

I do realize it’s way early to be googling for specific troubleshooting help. :wink:

BTW - To save you some time, I’m happy to share the VMWare image on OneDrive. It’s 40GB.

What are you deploying to? Which sample are you trying to deploy?

Can you debug it locally on the VM?

FWIW, I boot to VHD instead of running in a VM. I’ve had no issues with that, but I’m not running exactly the same bits you are.


Wow Pete, that was fast. I tried the LightSensorCS app both on Local Machine and Simulator, getting this:

“…failed with error 0x80073CFD. See Troubleshooting packaging, deployment, and query of Windows apps - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn for help…” which leads me to “A specified install prerequisite couldn’t be satisfied.”

I then tried the Emulators and it says it can’t start because one of the Windows Phone HyperV components isn’t running.

I’m not looking for for my own personal tech support here (but it IS nice :slight_smile: ) but I am looking for online resources, if they exist. Can you point me at the correct MS forum to post this?

[EDIT] Found the forum -

Yeah, you need HyperV for any emulators. Can’t run that in a VM.

Not sure on the larger issue. Post back if you find out what’s up. Note that the forum support folks will almost certainly request that you cake VMWare out of the equation.


Make sure you are running Windows 10 build 10041! check your Windows Updates!

I suppose it necessary for this topic but I can’t say I “recommend” this build. It’s the only Win10 build I’ve had any issues with. Disregarding some other smaller issues, I’ve had no sound since this update was released.

As always: these are interim bits. Proceed with caution.

I tend to live a bit on the edge because people like to see new stuff, but that also had me recovering my Surface Pro 3 after a white screen brick 20 minutes before my keynote on Saturday :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still running build 9926… I missed the update…

Im not running a vm though. If you’re going to do something, do it all the way. I installed it over my 8.1 partition. No regrets!

10041 isnt on the MSDN subscriber downloads… is it only on the windows insider pages?

Edit: found it, hidden on the insider pages!

Thanks for telling me of its existence…

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@ mtylerjr

It also works by update.

In the Update Settings, you find a Setting Previous Build.

If you go to fast, you get the 10041 Update. 8)

Well yes, but I like to download and archive the ISO

I save those things for some reason.

:wall: So it helps to have the right bits installed… I was not on 10041. I can now build and run the lightsensor sample in the simulator. Well, kind of… seems pretty flaky in a VM. I’ve now seen the Win10 BSOD for the first time (bearing in mind Peter’s warning about new bits).

you got the BSOD on purpose and we need your feedback on it, how do you like the new BSOD :whistle:

anything you wish to change on that screen? let us know ;D


Wait, we get to provide input for the BSOD design?

That should be its own thread!

Can we make it red?

Getting this thread back on track… I’m having some luck with my Win10 VM and dev tools. Can anybody point me to the new sensor API documentation online? not sure if it’s published to MSDN yet…