For over a year my Cobra II hasn’t worked. Plug it in, upload the firmware, restarts and says invalid firmware. I tries everything. Different machines, driver updates, every single flipping thing.

I dragged it back out today and went through the process once again because I love that board. Such a great form factor, wifi, SD and USB right on the board. Same result.

Then I strayed that sucker with Windex. Because what the heck, it’s going in the trash anyway. It works now. Maybe really small dust build up was preventing the firmware from taking hold. Maybe it just wanted a bath. I don’t care. I have my Cobra II back :smiley:

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I have a number of them on the shelf. I have a couple in projects using them too. My toilet flush is in progress and Cobra 2 with WiFi based (looking to use your Synth GUI on that) :slight_smile:

They are great to prototype a G120 design and test the software before the custom boards arrive. Shame it was made obsolete. The Cobra3 is a nice board too. I have 2 of them but the lack of WiFi onboard is a let down. :frowning:

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Windex is the cure all.


@ Skewworks - so, what inspired you to spray it with Windex? Personally, I would have gone with vinegar… :wink:

Considering that the Flux might be (and typically is) an inorganic acid, it makes perfect sense that Windex which is based on Ammonia (Ammonium Hydroxide) would neutralize the offending material.

Whereas Vinegar would not.

@ Ian - Looking very close it looked like there might have be some buildup of some sort, or maybe not. But it was destined for the trash bin so I figured, why not give it a shot. Windex was the first thing I found that didn’t immediately seem like even if it corrected a built up problem wouldn’t add new corrosive problems of its own.

I wonder if Windex would work on my dead Rhino…

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Oooo you have a dead Rhino lying around? PETA folks won’t like that at all :whistle:

I hear this stuff works great cleaning very large vertical transparent slabs of material that keeps weather out of buildings.

You mean glass right?

Ya, ya, that’s what it’s called. :slight_smile: