Winc15x0 fails after firmware update

I’ve been trying to update the firmware on a Winc15x0 to 19.7.3 from SD card. I can load the bytes and then call the function to program the device and it returns true after some time.

I reset the Winc15x0 but now when I request the version, I get indicating that it is not working. A power off and re-open also fails and I always get but I can call the update firmware again and it returns true.

Have I bricked it? :frowning:

I should add that there was 2 bin files in the archive.



I used the first one as this was not being done over the air.

TinyCLR use OTA only. I guess you use PC and Uart to update the module, correct? If so did it say PASS at the end of process?

No, it is soldered into the board and I tried to do with TinyCLR via the SCM20260E. I get true at the end of the function which takes about 20 seconds to complete the call.

Those files only work with ota and their script tool, as I know.

You need to use ota file and update by ota. Update using buffer only work with raw binary file.

Your WiFi module now has incorrect binary. You may need uart to reprogram again, I remember ota doesn’t help in this case, but you can try.

There was 2 files in the ZIP I downloaded from Microchip. The file wifi_firmware.bin was included with the ota one. I loaded this into a buffer and passed this using your function to update the firmware. I can’t now update this via OTA as there is obviously corrupt firmware.

Is there any way to confirm that the module is actually available via SPI?

Passing the binary file to the upgrade function returns TRUE.

That file is not raw binary that needed for the buffer way. I think you need some solder with UART and use their tool to reflash the module.

It’s a BIN file and by definition, is a raw binary format. At least that is the case when working with microcontrollers.

I’ll need to see if I can setup the UART but this also means cutting the tracks of the SPI enable line. :frowning:

We need a way to use the upgrade from a binary so need to know how to get this? Seems pointless to have a function and not be able to download a file for this. I prefer the update to be done offline.

We will send you raw binary that help the module back to work with version 19.5.4 . Once wifi module back to work then you can update by OTA. So no need to soldering, cutting line…

Updating by buffer binary is not supported and will be removed in feature.