Win8 can run on G400?

Win8 can run on G400, :think:
Truth or not, not important, just vote +1 for me if you like :smiley:

The answer is in: tomjerry - YouTube



Not sure if its a fake, but if not:
Run VS on G400 with Win8, and program another NETMF Device :smiley:

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I would love to see Win8 running on it. That would be awesome!

Sweet - GHI must have upgraded the G400 with the new Atmel with inbuilt telepathy controller to move the mouse :whistle:

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Cobra I is capable to play movies.

There is another tread from Dat about playing Video on G400.
So I assume it’s a prerecorded Win 8 session.
The point is I think that the video playback works without RLP.

One thing missing…
the Ethernet module to justify how the browser was able to get to the site :)…


@ Jay Jay -

That is my private rapter, all in one, keyboard, mouse, ethernet…

just kidding, :smiley:


You forgot the additional Core i7, 8GB ram SSD, Gfx on the backside :wink:

But… imagine if G400 could run RDP protocol … ::slight_smile: :whistle: