Will GHI start stocking Cable ends as well?

I am glad to see that GHI is offering the Gadgeteer Cable Pack’s & 10pin socket. Are you going to also sell the cable ends as well ?
The only place i can find stocking the FCI cable end (20021444-00010T1LF) is mouser.

They want $4.25 a piece for these which is insane.

Gadgeteer has a few really big failings:

  1. The sockets are very expensive and hard to source in low quantities (thanks, Architect!)
  2. The cables are holy-crap-you-must-be-kidding expensive, and are generally only available assembled.
  3. Depending on the module, you can waste a LOT of pins by plugging something in.

Netduino Go! has the same 1) and 2) problems, and solves 3) in a novel way, but one that requires more expensive modules with onboard microcontrollers. Arduino has shields, which are on a whole other level of awful.

I’d get in touch with Architect and see what he can do for you. He’s generous, quick, and very good to work with. I can’t speak highly enough of him.

I might be able to help with that. Working on it. :wink:

Thanks keep us posted here if you would be so kind.