Will GHI make a new board similar to the Cerb40-ii in the future?

I currently am developing some application on my few remaining cerb40-iis.
They have been discontinued.

I’m wondering if in the future GHI have a plan to make a new version or something similar?

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Is a G30 TH or G80TH workable?

Hi Justin,
thanks for those suggestions.
So they are in production and will be for a while?

Do you know if it should be easy enough to port stuff I’ve written for the cerb40-ii to say the g80


Yes they are in full swing and the changes will be trivial, probably just swapping pins and that’s about it if at all.

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The G series looks really great. That G400 is a beast!

I don’t suppose there are any stats on their power consumption?

if you’re trying to replace a Cerb40, you do NOT need a G400. :slight_smile: :smile:

The datasheets are all available in the sales pages, which will have all information readily available presented to you.

Hi Brett,
Haha, i realize that that… I was just drooling at it’s high specs! :slight_smile:

Sweet, will check out the data sheet

G400 is a sweet unit, I agree (have a few Raptors in use around my place). But it’s not the beast you want for a replacement, even a semi-upgrade, from a Cerb40 :slight_smile: Sure, some of us want overkill, and then it’d still be overkill :smile:

The G80 seems like a perfect replacement, a tiny bit faster too.

I just checkout the datasheets for power consumption info but all I could find is:
". It can consume as little as 40 mA in sleep, 12 mA in deep sleep, and 8 mA in off"

Don’t suppose anyone know what it consumes on average or when the CPU is running with high load?

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check out the STM32F427VGT6 which the datasheet tells you is the underlying processor

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For commercial use, you should work with us directly to give you the best experience. Send us an email with details on your project please.

But, there are many options on the market that will easily run TinyCLR, like this MINI-M4 STM32 - Small ARM Cortex-M4 Development Board

We already document it here http://docs.ghielectronics.com/tinyclr/boards/clicker.html

Thanks Gus.
I am still just prototyping and no where near a commercial product quite yet.
But thanks for the update :slight_smile: