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Will connecting two UART Tx pins together damage them?


Hey guys (yet another) quick question.

Can I safely connect two tx pins together?

My situation is a GPS module connected to a FEZ panda VIA uart. I want to leave exposed headers on the UART tracks I could connect to via an FTDI in case I want to do some debugging/upload new firmware or anything like that to my GPS module (and all the other uart components I have, with a switch to move between them).

This would mean that while debugging the FTDI Tx will be connected to the Panda Tx. The FTDI is 3v3. Is that safe to do? I’m not worried about corrupted data if both are transmitting or anything like that, only thing I’m asking is if my Panda Tx port will live to see another day.


No 2 output pins from sane device or 2 devices can be connected together. You can do that by adding an “or” logic gate


Thanks Gus. will do :).