Wiki Login Issues

Hi Guys,
I’m having trouble logging into the Wiki. Once I create an account, it automatically logs me in ok. But if I log out, then try to log back in, I always get the “incorrect password” warning. I’ve tried to create three accounts so far, with each running into the same problem.
Before I continue to flood the wiki with user accounts, I figured I’d drop a line to see if you’ve also seen this.


You need to login with your fourm name and password. NOT your email address.

So, your username will be Matt and password is whatever your account pass is.

Tried that too :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t create an account, instead use the forum/GHI account!

We can log in fine

I figured it out.
no combination of display name, email, passwords, yadda yadda worked.
until… I went into my GHI account and saw my Forum Display Name was blank ("…if your display name is blank, it will display only your first name…").
Once I actually specified “Matt” as my forum display name, L:Matt P: worked just fine :slight_smile:
My fault for not paying attention to details :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. We will see what can we do about this