WiFly Spark-fun brake-out board and Domino using UART/SPI communication, Physical Pins?

I have one of the above Wifly brake-out boards. It works perfectly as a stand-alone device. e.g. Telnet via Ad-Hoc and joining WLAN.

I have been using the “Sparkfun WiFly shield with FEZ Domino” code example and as far as I can tell I have the code running correctly and matching the hardware specs. e.g. Clock Speed, Baud rate etc.

It is easy to see the MOSi, MiSO and SCLK on the Domino and on the Wifly Brake-out. I take it I swap the IO leads. e.g. MOSi on wifly to MiSO on Domino and Vis-Versa.
However where is the client select or slave select if you prefer.

In the example code the Domino uses Pin No. 10 and I have tried connecting that Pin to CTS and to RTS on the Wifly with no joy. I am using the Wifly in default settings as the code suggests but I have tried enabling Hardware Flow Control.

The code runs to the point where the Domino does a test Read/Write by sending 0x55 over the UART-SPI interface but the Data that comes back is always a single Zero so the interface is not configured and an Exception is throw.

The only pins the Wifly brake-out board has for communication are:
Pin 10 = RTS
Pin 11 = CTS
Pin 12 = UART-RX
Pin 13 = UART-TX
Pin 14 = SPI-MOSi [ to Domino MiSO ]
Pin 15 = SPI-CLK [ to Domino SCK ]
Pin 16 = SPI-MiSO [ to Domino MOSi ]

There is no mention of SPI procedure in the Wifly info.
Do I need a Slave Select?
If so which is the Master and which is the Slave?
Should I be using Pins 12 and 13 on the Wifly?

Here’s where you need to dig into the guts of this to know what you’re up against.

The code that is on the codeshare for the Wifly shield is communicating to the shield via SPI.

The Wifly breakout you link to does NOT have SPI connection.

If you look at the shield schematic http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/DevTools/Arduino/Wifly_Shield-v14.pdf you can see the SPI device is an SC16IS750, and this connects to the wifly module itself. Schematic of the module you have is obviously not using this intermediate device, you are going straight to the wifly module.

So it’s likely that you will need to go back to basics and work on the RX/TX serial comms to the device and ignore everything else, and code things yourself.

OK, got it. You have saved me time and frustration again Brett, thanks.

Back to the drawing board.

MOSI to MISO = Wrong!
(Master Out, Slave In) to (Master In, Salve Out)
That would be 2 Masters!