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WiFly Socket class?


Like others on this forum, I’m playing around with a FEZ Domino and the Sparkfun WiFly shield. I’ve had success setting up the SC16IS750 and WiFly-GSX chip, and have been able to telnet into the WiFly chip to tweak it’s configuration. My next task, and question, is what to do next.

Looking at the Wiznet implementation it looks like the way to go is via the Socket and NetworkInformation classes. So before I delve into writing classes to implement this for the WiFly shield, I wanted to canvas opinion on the best route forward. Particularly due to not knowing what FEZ/GHI route is for this, plus not being able to see into GHI assemblies to see how intertwined different assemblies are.

I think my first goal to recreate something similar to the NET MF sample called SimpleServer, as seen in the GHI documentation;

Could the first step be to create a new NetworkInterface? similar to the Wireless80211 extension;

And if so, would this be a way to access WiFly information within a custom Socket class?

Any pointers on a route to take would be appreciated. I’m continuing to look through what is there and has been done so far. Get some design work done before jumping in to code up new interfaces…