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WiFly Breakout


Can someone explain how to wire this board up to the domino:

My current attempts seem to have failed with hooking up the 3.3-IN to 3.3 and GND and RX/TX, it says at most all I need is four wires?!

Also triedd VDD/VBATT but that doesn’t seem to work either. I’m connecting the TX/RX to COM1 and attempting to read from that.


Seems I have to connect to VBAT and ground 3.3-IN, merde!


Hi Loyd

I thought you had a wifly shield?

I’ll look at the BOB and get back to you…

Cheers Ian



You might want to make a small RS232 adapter to a PC. using hardware flow control as this is enabled by default connect to the PC and disable it then you’ll be able to use the three wires you need… Other wise you’ll have to find out how the Domino achieves hardware flow control and which pins you need to connect.

Cheers Ian


I was using the shield however it was giving me issues with SPI (probably down to me :p) so I got another breakout and hooked it up direct to COM.

It’s all working grand now, at the moment I’m simply swapping between COM4 and CDC but eventually I’ll drop CDC and it will be all internal, it does reduce my COM ports though.


Using SPI is a bad idea anyway but the shield uses SPI because Arduino only has one serial port. We have this on our list of you get any progress there the community would love to see it…and we will get you bunch of experience points of course :slight_smile:


Only 1? So glad I chose Fez now :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a thought, you could rework this board with jumper sets for if you want to use SPI, COM1, COM4 etc in the space wasted for a prototype area that way we can just choose what mode we want on the board.

Don’t know how simple that would be to implement :stuck_out_tongue:


Or easier, just make anew shield or UEXT extension :slight_smile: We want to see how much you guys can do with it before we make the hardware.


Seems my WiFly issues with SPI went away this afternoon after I enabled flow control on the chip! Now I can spend this evening tidying up my driver :smiley: