WiFiRS9110 Source Code

I’m having an issue starting up a new PCB that is designed around the G400 with the WiFiRS9110 chipset (like the G400 Dev Board). I’m having a problem getting the WiFi chipset initialized and would like to get the source for the WiFiRS9110 class to step through and determine my issue. Is the source available for this class?

I took one of the example projects, WiFiNTPG400D, on the codeshare specifically for the G400 dev board and verified that it ran on the dev board. Then I loaded the same project up on my new PCB and gave it a try and it fails. I’ve mapped out the same I/O to control the WiFi chipset and have verified that I don’t have any board issues but the chipset won’t respond when the wifi.open() call is made. I get a HardwareFailure exception during that call. The G400 has been updated to the latest firmware version but still no luck. I’m beginning to think that maybe the WiFi chipset is bad and I need to replace it.

@ csailor - did you try

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@ RoSchmi - I didn’t know that I needed to do that, but it fixed my problem!!! My new boards WiFi is up and running! THANK YOU!


@ cyberh0me - You say the source code is open… Is there a contact to purchase the driver for one’s own purpose?

Are you asking for the source of the RS9110 module ? I strongly suspect that GHI has access to the binary only. The source is owned by RedPine. I]