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WiFi (Zero G) with Fez Cobra



I’ve just updated my firmware on cobra to the 4.1 version and im getting some weird responsed from the WIFI (Zero G module) when it starts up (captured by debugger)

The extract is below. Nowhere in my code do i try and do a scan, or have any reference to GHI-AP - it just seems to get it some nowhere? Has something changed? The same code works on an existing board pre updating it.

My main connection / setup for wifi is:
WiFi.Enable(SPI.SPI_module.SPI2, (Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital.IO2, (Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Interrupt.IO26);

Do I need to use the new overloaded version and specify the Zero chip? e.g.
WiFi.Enable(WiFi.HardwareModule.ZG100M_Compatible …

But im not sure what the exta setting on that overload should be set to?

Waiting for WiFi link!
Still waiting.
no network found
retry … (1/3)
Scan … for ssid "GHI-AP "
Still waiting.
no network found
retry … (2/3)
Scan … for ssid "GHI-AP "
Still waiting.
no network found
failed … (*)
LinkMgr: exiting from infrastructure mode …
LinkMgr: switching to infrastructure mode …
Set MAC addr …
mac = 00:1A:F1:00:42:0D
Mac address Set
Set regional domain …
region = fcc
Set security …
security =
Scan … for ssid "GHI-AP "
Still waiting.
no network found
retry … (1/3)
Scan … for ssid "GHI-AP "


I think it might help if you post the code you are using?


Please use the example code available in the library documentation.

What you are noticing means that the module is working fine. GHI-AP is the default name that the module search for.

We hightly recommend that you use the new wifi module The RedPine module RS21. since you gain a lot of more feature. like search fro network, Ad-Hoc. and the support for G an N networks. Plus we are dropping the support for ZeroG soon.


Thanks, I found the error, this version of the code wasnt doing the save:
Wireless80211.SaveConfiguration(new Wireless80211[] { wifiSettings }, false);

I guess the other board that it did work with already had the settings correctly saved within it.

I bought a couple of RS21 modules, and soldered the UEXT header on them yesterday - wanted to make sure everything was working with board and old before changing the code to use the new module. Porting over is job for this week.

Thanks for you help.