WiFi_RS21 - scan after join?

After I’ve joined a network, seems like the Scan() method always returns null for the result.

I’ve looked at the source in Gadgeteer.Codeplex.com and there doesn’t seem to be anything to cause this to happen.

public WiFiNetworkInfo[] Scan()
            GHINet.WiFiNetworkInfo[] ScanResp = GHINet.WiFi.Scan();
            if (ScanResp != null)

I was hoping that after connecting, the user could see the other networks and if so desired, they could disconnect and join a different/stronger network. This would be similar to how many other devices operate (for example - phones & computers)

Is this a “feature” of the chip?

Does anyone know if this is a limitation of the WiFI device? I didn’t see anything in the spec sheet (http://redpinesignals.com/pdfs/datasheets/RS9110-N-11-21_DataSheet.pdf)

Also, the datasheet mentions “Option for external antenna through u.FL connector” - is this connector on the board? Can it be made available?

We never tested this but will see if this can be implemented in near future.


This is the response from redpine “The current firmware doesn’t support background scan feature. So user won’t get scan response once it is in connected state.”

Thanks for looking into this Gus.

I guess the options are:

  1. Disconnect, scan, and the rejoin current one
  2. Get a second WiFi module.

For the time being, I’ll just stay connected until I drop out of range (or the user disconnects).

Thanks again!

  1. hope redpine will add this feature soon.