WiFi RS21: No Join possible anymore?

Hi all,

I was running into a very strange problem. I’ve built a simple setup with Spider, GPS module and WiFi RS21 module. The implemented webserver functionality simply responds to request by sending the last position received.

On my laptop another project is running that sends a request to the spider and plots the current position based on the respond onto a map. To communicate with the board I’ve simply started a hosted network on the notebook. The WiFi RS21 connects to it and as soon this has happened starts the webserver and starts responding to requests.

This worked like a charm for several days. The longest test period was about 5 hrs of continues operation.

Now - same untouched configuration, same .net project - it won’t connect to the hosted network anymore. First I was afraid that I’ve received some silly MS update which restricts something here. But I also cannot connect to my normal WLAN network I’m connected to with all my stuff here.

I’ve built a new setup and .net project reduced to spider and WiFi RS21 only. Last option I’ve tried was to change everything to adhoc based connection initiated by the spider/Wifi. I was able to connect to it and to ping it.

So, now I’m completely confused here. Someone with same experiences here? Any ideas?



Haha… solar winds has blown away my projects :smiley:

It’s really simple. The main question for me now is: what can cause a simple setup with a Spider and Wifi RS21 to work like a charm and than - for obviously no reason - didn’t do it anymore.

I could understand that the WiFi module has beend damaged (maybe by solar wind effects) but it seems to operate like normal - besides the fact that it isn’t joining any network anymore (the join operation times out or the result is a “frozen” system).

Once again: I’ve changed nothing. It’s strange.

For the tech. facts:

  • FEZ Spider
  • WIFI RS21
  • .Net MF4.3



if it doesnt connect “for obviously no reason”, you’ll obviously have no chance.
If you mean, it doesn’t connect “for no obvious reason”, you should indeed show your code and perhaps try it with a network-protocol-analyzer. :wink: