WiFi RS21 Module and Hydra

It is up to you but the RS21 module is currently not supported and adding such support on your end is few months of work, not simple at all.

You can use Xbee wifi and write the drivers in coupe days. The community is already working on generic XBee drivers so maybe you and other can join and make this happen. I know many members of this community will find it very useful.

BTW, I am not adding any more info on top of what been said already in previous posts and what is already explained on the catalog :slight_smile:

no problem, understood :-), I’m currently getting the seeed cellular module working, and tweaking the drivers there, so the xbee stuff work sounds very do-able, and the way forward. There’s no way I currently have the time to go beyond .net mf and gadgeteer to write drivers for the RS21.

I guess I didn’t stop to read the docs properly, but there you go.

Thanks for your help and I guess I won’t be posting on this thread again.

Over to the xbee!! let’s see if mouser will be nice eh? :slight_smile:

…by the way did I mention how brilliant I think the Fez Hydra is?