Wifi questions


Where can I find documention about the Wifi interface ?
I have a Wifi7 Click board, it looks like I can connect to my network, but I don’t know how to list available access points, for example.

Or perhaps there is a method to access “internal functions” of the module or should they be hand-coded ?


It is missing from docs. @Joel_Riley are you adding it today?

Will add to docs, but it looks like there might be a problem with the Scan() method – we’re looking into it.

This should help get you started. These methods are part of the static Winc15x0Interface class.

string[] ssidList = Winc15x0Interface.Scan() returns a list of found SSIDs, but we are looking into possible bug in this command.

int signalStrength = Winc15x0Interface.GetRssi() returns relative signal strength.

byte[] macAddress = Winc15x0Interface.GetMacAddress() returns the MAC address.

Sorry for the delay, the docs should be up soon along with instructions for updating the WiFi firmware.

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Thank you !

I will have a deeper look into it, then.

And call those before network.Enable()

We found an issue if call them after network.Enable().

Scan works, although it seems to miss some networks. I will have to dig into this to be 100% sure.

Also, there are other informations in the scan data returned by the module, like signal strength, channel, encryption and so on…
Could it be possible that the scan() method returns a struct/class with this information instead of simply a strings array ?

Choosing an AP using its signal strength or encryption method is useful.